Our goal was simple when we started DroneHub:

To elevate our clients’ content by utilizing industry leading technology to reach their marketing goals.

Technology from an early age inspired us. The potential and capabilities were equally insane as they were beautiful. Videography and photography can tell unique stories in the most captivating of ways that got us hooked.

Bred in a real estate family, we saw first-hand the opportunity through video to showcase the simple nuances that make a house feel like home. After we had purchased our first drone and professional equipment, we never looked back.

With over 5000 videos created, we have become the experts in creating, producing, and elevating content to reach its full potential. We service our clients with an arsenal of industry leading equipment, and we expanded to create unique videos not only for real estate, but for golf courses, college campuses, wineries, concert venues, action sports, resorts, and more.

Beyond capturing footage, we edit the videos, create logos, add watermarks, and draft media campaigns - all with the highest level of attention to detail. From the background music, to every frame of your full 4K promotional video - we'll represent you with the utmost professionalism and attractiveness.

Contact us today, and let us help you elevate your content. Only at DroneHub.